What a night!

Liam and I had booked these tickets at Northampton’s Picture Drome months ago when the movie had just come out. We booked them with our friends Olly and Hayley as a double date. Months rolled past and it was finally the day to go. We had all put off watching the film so we could all be blown away with this experience.

Because we got there a little late. We had to stand right at the back but we managed to find some space on the stairs to stand on and watch. You would not believe the crowd of people standing in front of us, there were at least five rows of people right at the front who were sat on the floor watching.

Most, if not everyone were talking the whole way through the film, but would stop the minute the songs came on. It was an incredible experience when the songs would come on and everyone would stop their conversations to sing along and dance along, and then once the songs ended, everyone would just resume their conversations till the next song started.

I would definitely recommend booking a singalong of your favourite movie if you can. After the film had finished, there was a guest DJ which played songs from different musicals long into the night. We were dancing to songs from Mamma Mia, Hairspray and even High School Musical. It was definitely a night to remember!

Let me know if you guys have ever been to a sing-along and what you went to watch. Until next time.

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