For Liam’s 23rd birthday, his mum paid for us all to go to Centre Parcs for a long weekend. There was Liam’s mum and partner, Liam and I who will be spending a long weekend together packed full of competitive games to see which couple is the champion at the end of the weekend.

Day one.

We got up, packed up and left at 10am to arrive at Centre Parcs Elveden Forest for around 11:30 ish. Our first stop was swimming. They have an amazing swimming pool with multiple attractions such as a flume, cyclone, lazy river and my favourite, the rapids. We went here last year and I managed to come away with a massive bruise on my hip bone so fingers crossed I don’t come back with one this time. We then tried to play doubles on pool, which I have never played before and it 100% showed. I managed to pot one ball out of pure luck so Liam was definitely in charge of this game. But in the end, we lost. One point to Debbie and Vinny.

Afterwards, we went to bowls. I’ve never played bowls before and neither had Liam. I think we both surprised ourselves because we ended up winning! One point to Liam and I.

We then headed back to the room to get changed ready for bowling.

Bowling is definitely mine and Liam’s game. We used to go bowling every 2 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon. So needless to say, we won bowling too. We ended up getting two and a half points for bowling while Liam’s mum and partner got half a point. Does anyone else find bowling harder when the pins are on string? Made it so much harder to knock the pins down.

At the end of day one, the scores are:

Liam and Georgina with 3 1/2 points

Debbie and Vinny with 1 1/2 points

Day Two.

Our second day here and it’s a special day because it’s LIAM’S BIRTHDAY. We started the day with breakfast in bed made by his mum which was lovely. We then took a stroll around the forest to take in some scenery before starting our first activity of the day which was table tennis.

We had a very good game playing table tennis. We played doubles, singles and killer. If you don’t know what killer is, it’s where you hit the ball to your opponent and then you have to run around to the other side of the table and hit the ball again. The aim of the game is to keep the ball on the table, if you don’t then you lose a life. Lose three lives and you’re out! It’s quite easy to play with four people, Liam and I tried to play just us two but it was very difficult!!

We then had a spot of lunch and a look round the shops before our next game which is badminton.

WE WERE AMAZING. We had five games of badminton and we managed to win all five!!!! But after all that winning, we needed to cool down so we ended up back at the swimming pool for a couple hours.

Swimming definitely cooled us down. We then headed back to the room to relax and chill out for the evening with homemade dinner and some games. Well, we were supposed to play some games but I just got so tired after dinner that I ended up falling asleep.

At the end of day two the scores are;

Liam and Georgina with 7 1/2

Debbie and Vinny with 2 1/2

Day Three.

It was not a good start to the day waking up and hearing the rain, especially since we planned to play tennis today.

Even though it rained, we still powered through and ended up winning three sets to none. We were out in the rain for almost two hours so we earned a well deserved lunch break. We headed back to the room for lunch as we had bought some food yesterday while Debbie and Vinny went out for lunch.

We past a red telephone box on our way back so naturally I had to get a picture, even while it was raining.

We then had our lunch and got ready for our photoshoot. We had such a fun time doing the photoshoot. We got some lovely photos of us all. I’d say Liam was more of a natural than I am in front of the camera. I’ve took some screenshots of our favourite pictures. I can’t wait to see them properly!

Afterwards, we went back to the room for some dinner and then headed back out for quiz night.

There were 14 teams who were all competing for first, second and third place. Third place was a £10 gift card for Centre Parcs, second place was a £20 gift card and first place was a £30 gift card. Out of 14 teams, we managed to come third and win a £10 gift voucher which is going to help towards our activities for our final day tomorrow.

We then had a few drinks and decided to play another round of bowling. The first round Debbie and Vinny smashed it and beat us by 3 points. The next round we managed to win!! In the first round I managed to score two strikes and Vinny scored one so that was extra points for both of us. We then had a couple games of air hockey, which we won both. A game of dance central which we won again and then we ended with a couple games of pool and a dance at the disco before heading back to the room ready for an early morning tomorrow.

At the end of day three the scores are:

Liam and Georgina with 13 1/2

Debbie and Vinny with 8

Day Four.

Our last morning here and we’re going to make it a good one! Last night we booked to go badminton again and adventure golf. We got up at 7:30 and packed up the car and headed out for breakfast at The Pancake House.

I had the banoffee waffle with an English breakfast tea. It was NEEDED!

After breakfast we headed back to badminton for a game of doubles and singles. Once again, Liam and I won five games to one and on the singles, I managed to beat Liam, Debbie and Vinny!!!

Didn’t realise how tiring a weekend of sports would be, but after badminton I got to look forward to 9 holes of adventure golf.

Surprisingly, Liam and I managed to win with a combined score of 65 while Debbie and Vinny had a combined score of 67.

This weekends competitions were always so close.

After that we headed back to the car and headed home. We’ve had an amazing weekend at Centre Parcs, filled with so many activities and memories we’ll all cherish. I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog. I love writing about my travels and I hope you guys enjoy reading it and hopefully it gives you some ideas on what to do if you ever go to Centre Parcs.

Thank you so much for reading, until next time.


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