Winter Wonderland is London’s biggest Christmas event featuring two different Christmas markets, the UK’s largest ice skating rink, a Christmas circus, carnival rides and games, an ice sculpture kingdom, live music and entertainment, and enough food and drink chalets to feed a small country! As long as said country would be happy to live on bratwurst and mulled wine anyway. The only thing that could have made it more Christmassy would have been if the whole park had been blanketed in snow.


We began our evening in the Christmas markets with no intention of purchasing anything. Had we been looking for anything in particular, I’m quite sure we would have found it since there were over 200 vendors lining the streets selling items such as handmade crafts, jewellery, clothing, accessories, and sweet treats. The stalls were set up inside wooden chalets strung with lights which gave Hyde Park a lovely village vibe.


There are all sorts of bars and restaurants around Winter Wonderland, all with their own unique atmosphere and culinary dishes. I don’t think you can make a bad choice here. Although the revolving Carousel Bar doesn’t sound like the best idea if you’ve had one too many drinks! While we were there we ordered some churros and pork scratchings while continuing browsing around the stalls.


There are so many different games you can play that are all scattered around the wonderland. A lot of them are your typical carnival games such as hook a duck, however they did change this to hooks penguin, I believe if makes it more Christmassy. There’s also shooting games, knocking tin cans over, darts.

And of course we had a go at some games.

We had such an amazing time experiencing the winter wonderland. Theres only a couple days left that the winter wonderland is open so I would recommend taking a trip down there before having to wait till next Christmas. Let me know if you guys are planning a trip to the winter wonderland or if you have already been. Let me know what you enjoyed about it. Until next time.

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