Something I’ve learned throughout the years is that love has many different forms and there are so many types of love too. We’ve been shown what love should look like through movies, novels, and poems, and then we’ve been disappointed with reality when you don’t get your happily ever after at the end.

With time and experience, you start to realize that love doesn’t have a single meaning. You don’t know how to describe it properly, but that’s what makes it so special and unique for you. Love has so many ways to be described, all right and wrong at the same time.

You can love friends, family, pets, partners, whatever you want to love, but that’s always going to be something that could disappear in the blink of an eye. And, in the end, you’ll find yourself. That is the most truthful love you should try to grow and keep alive every single day.

You should learn to love yourself before anyone else.

Something people say a lot but only a few actually do. You should put yourself first, be nice to yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, and learn to be with yourself. We all have flaws and insecurities, but that shouldn’t make us feel like we don’t deserve our own love. Love is such a powerful thing we tend to focus on others, but it should start in ourselves.

Make sure you’re the best version of you. Let me know what you love about yourself, it can be one thing or many things! Thanks for reading, until next time.

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