Off on my first adventure of 2019 and it has been long awaited. We decided to have a spur of the moment trip to Liam’s family caravan up in Clacton-on-sea to make the most of the May bank holiday. Their caravan is situated in The Orchards Holiday Village.

We decided to travel after work on Friday so we could spend all weekend there.


We woke up Saturday morning ready and eager for the weekend ahead. We headed into Clacton seeing as the sun was shining, we wanted to make the most of the weather.

We had a walk by the sea and found some cute pastel coloured beach huts which I obviously had to get a picture in front of.

We then headed to the arcades. I love playing the arcades when I go to the seaside. Liam and I save up our change so we have some money for the coin machines.

I think I can say for both Liam and I, our favourite arcade game is Deal or No Deal. We managed to win the jackpot of 200 tickets on our last go. Liam says we were meant to be as I wanted to choose box number 12, Liam wanted to choose box number 14, so we went down the middle and chose box number 13, and that was the winning box. We make compromises and always come out as winners.

Our next favourite has to be the Crazy Tower. Liam managed to get 2 away from the jackpot.

We continued to have a walk around clacton, taking in the sites and the sea breeze. Liam won me a little husky dog.

We then headed back to the caravan for my very first time of playing bingo.

I am no longer a bingo virgin. I couldn’t believe it, the prizes were unbelievable. £160 for one line, £450 for two lines and £730 for the whole house. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything this time, but we’re heading back tomorrow for more.

We then finished off our night with a walk to the beach at the caravan site, bought some snacks and stayed inside for a movie night.


Day two and we’ve got a full day jam packed with exciting stuff! In the morning, we headed off to Colchester Zoo!

I love exploring Zoos. I just love animals. We started off with the iguanas, met some red pandas along the way and ended with the otters.

This has to be my favourite photo I took while at the zoo. Look at him!

We even made it just in time to feed the giraffes! This was an amazing experience.

Seeing as I loved the giraffes so much, we passed a stall which was selling blow up animals and Liam treated me to it.

There were so many beautiful spots around the zoo which had waterfalls and lovely flowers, trees and plants.

We stopped off for a quick bite to eat (a gingerbread man and a bottle of coke) while waiting for the weather to warm up a bit.

We had a last look around at the animals, found some more spots for pictures and then said goodbye to Colchester Zoo and headed back to the caravan.

We got back to the caravan, had a quick cup of tea and a game of Mario Bros and then headed to the owners lounge for family quiz.

We came second and just missed out on a bottle of wine. BUT, we headed to our second game of bingo. Liam and I went all out and got a book EACH to have a go at. The first game up was for one line and before I knew it I was yelling BINGO and being handed £170. Could it get any better?! All of a sudden we were on the last round, playing for a full house. I look over and realise Liam is one number away from the jackpot, next thing you know he’s yelling BINGO with another table and walking away with £480.

After that, I was ready to end the day. We celebrated with a drink back at the caravan and more Mario games before heading to bed for our last day at Clacton.


Our last day at Clacton-on-sea. We headed back to Clacton so we could have one last go on the arcades.

Once again, the two games we played was Deal or No Deal and Crazy Tower. We weren’t as good on Deal or No Deal this time, we only managed to win 100 tickets, which is still a good amount.

I know to leave the arcades to Liam from now on because he managed to win the 500 ticket jackpot on Crazy Tower. We had to call someone over who worked in the arcades to refill the ticket machine as we won so many it ran out.

Afterwards, we had a quick walk around the rest of the arcade games and spent the last of our pennies before stopping off for some lunch. I got a well needed cup of tea with a classic chicken burger and chips. I was thinking about getting the classic fish and chips, but I couldn’t turn away from the burger.

Sadly, after our lunch, we took one last stroll by the beach before heading back to the car.

We then packed up the car and said goodbye to 98 Lakeland’s.

We’ve booked to come here again in the middle of July and I already can’t wait. I had such a good weekend packed with amazing memories I’ll cherish forever. I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time.

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