It has taken me ABSOLUTELY AGES to write this post. I wanted to make sure I covered everything. It’s crazy to think Liam and I have been together for 3 years! 3 years? Where has the time gone?

It’s crazy to think how you can be with someone for such a small amount of time (in comparison) and feel like you’ve been with that person all your life. It’s hard to picture a time when I wasn’t with Liam. It’s crazy to think there was a time before Liam, how did I manage without him? CRAZY.


(All time favourite picture.. so far)

Like all relationships, we have our good days and our bad days. Luckily for us, the good outweighs the bad and not a day goes by where he doesn’t make me smile. He is my rock, my soul mate, my bae. He doesn’t realise how much of an impact he has had on my life. He doesn’t realise that he has made me who I am today. I am a better person because of him. He makes me think clearly, I can always rely on him to pick me up when I’m feeling down (metaphorically and literally), to say his silly dad jokes to cheer me up, to be a shoulder to cry on when I’m feeling sad. I know I don’t say it enough but he really is my best friend, my one true love. I am NOTHING without him. I know you’re reading this Liam, I want you to know that I love you.

For our three-year anniversary we did the Color Obstacle Rush (you can read about it here). We had planned to go out for dinner afterwards but an important football match was on, Tottenham vs Liverpool and we were not allowed to miss that (even though Spurs lost), so we decided to go out for dinner the day after. We booked a table at Miller and Carter in Moulton, Northampton. We had been there before for a previous date night and our orignal date night dinner location was not open on Sunday.

I like how sophisticated Miller and Carter is. They have a dress code, smart/casual so at least I didn’t feel over dressed.

I ended up wearing this new look spotty dress with a pair of single strap heels from Misguided and my Whistles clutch bag. As the look was mostly black and white, I thought I’d wear a red lip to bring a pop of colour into the outfit.

Liam ordered a beer and I ordered a cocktail. We obviously both had steak (as it is a steakhouse restaurant) and we shared some starters. The meal was delicious and I would definitely recommend it as a place to dine. The staff were all so friendly and the food was cooked perfectly. I wish I could’ve finished the whole plate.

Because we both had a starter and a main, and we both couldn’t finish all of it, we didn’t get pudding, which was really sad. If anyone knows me I am a pudding person, I will always look at the pudding and choose what I would have before deciding my main. Liam and I will definitely have to go back to get some pudding.

We both had a lovely anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate many many more. How do you celebrate your anniversary? We’ve decided to do one outdoor activity each anniversary, like the colour run, so we can tick things off our bucket list and have fun whilst celebrating our anniversary. Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

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