That’s right. Even I can’t believe it. This is it. This is the start for Liam and I. We have put a small deposit onto our dream house. We are just in the process of sorting all the paperwork and hopefully within the next 12 weeks we can collect the keys to our first home together.

It’s so crazy to think that I own a house. We initally started looking at flats for Liam and I around the Northampton area. We fell in love with a flat but before we could view it, the owners took it off the market. After that we kept looking at flats and slowly moved onto houses. We realised that we could afford a house so why not buy a house?

We found another property we loved which was a 10 minute drive to work. It was so ideal. But I think we got so caught up in wanting to move out that we fell in love with it and we were so close to putting an offer on a house that, in the end, we didnt love. We have so many boxes that we wanted ticked and we thought it ticked all of the boxes but, in reality, it didnt. We were blinded and too excited over buying our first house that we didn’t realise the mistake we were making. Luckily Liam stopped it before we went too far with the wrong house. I am so grateful for Liam doing that as we needed to wait for our perfect house, which we now have.

Just under three weeks ago, while Liam and I were in London for the weekend, Liam’s mum and partner visted an open house for a property that we had seen on Right Move that we loved. We sat in The Alchemist and was on FaceTime to his mum so we could have a look around the house without actually being there. We fell in love. Liam’s mum picked up an application form and the next day we completed it and sent of the application. We then managed to book a private viewing for the house a couple days after so we could have a proper view of the house. It exceeded our expectations.

Three weeks later and many annoying emails to ask where our application is and when we would hear back, we had an email to say tht we are eligable and if we want to put a deposit down, we should do it straight away. We spoke to our mortgage advisior to make sure it was all legit, it was, so we rang up and put a deposit down.

Liam and I are over the moon to be purchasing our first home together. At the age off 22 and 23, Liam and I can say that we own an amazng four bed home in Northamptonshire. We can’t wait to get the keys and to start moving everything in. We’ve already started buying things, such as our kettle that cost 3000 tickets while in Clacton-on-Sea.

I will keep you guys updated with the move and I am thinking about a house tour/room tour blog once we are moved in and settled but I just wanted to share our amaazing news with you all. I am not in anyway bragging or showing off. I am just proud of Liam and I have managed to accomplish. If anyone has any tips on moving and what to buy and how to deal with all the stress I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for reading, until next time.

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