Accessories are definitely the key to a good outfit, but I do find it hard to try and find the right accessories to go with every outfit. When Burga reached out and offered me some phone cases, I couldn’t say no. Your phone is one of the few items you take absolutely everywhere with you, so why can’t your phone look stylish too.

I was able to choose three phone cases from their Fall 2019 collection. I chose Pumpkin Spice, which is the orange phone case, Frozen Leaves, which is the purple and gold phone case, and Frozen Frost, which is the ice white and gold speckles phone case.

I chose the Pumpkin Spice phone case as it reminded me so much of autumn and Halloween. The gorgeous orange and brown swirls. I had to get it the minute I saw it!

Then, I saw Frozen Leaves. The colours on this are a little bit of me. The pinks, whites, golds. This is from their fall collection but I definitely think this is a phone case that you could use all year round.

Last, but not least, I picked Frozen Frost (with the help from Liam). This was Liam’s favourite case. Once again, I thought this is a phone case that could be used all year round. I think that it is very minimal but it would go with any outfit choice.

I was given the option of either a snap case or a tough case. I chose tough for all three cases as I like to make sure my phone is well protected but it was nice to be given that option. This option is available on all their phone cases so you can buy one that is tough protection and another which is just a simple snap case.

I am very happy with my phone cases and, as of now, they have protected my phone. The number of times I have dropped my phone (which is a lot) with these phone cases on and my phone is still looking brand new. I am very impressed with Burga. I’d definitely check out their website and let me know in the comments if you buy one of their phone cases and which one you bought! Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

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