Are you like me when you don’t have the time or the willpower to prepare a meal? That’s pretty much me every single night when trying to choose something to eat for dinner. I’m such a picky person and unless someone else cooks me dinner, I find it very hard to make a simple decision, because I’m always worried about making the wrong decision. I hate the idea of cooking something that sounds amazing and smells amazing to then not fancy eating it. If this sounds like you then keep on reading.

Feed. has kindly partnered up with me and sent me some amazing products to try.

I was sent two drinks, one vanilla and one chocolate. They are a complete meal made from carefully selected ingredients with a deliciously sweet vanilla and chocolate taste. I have been gifted the 500ml sized drinks which provide you with 20% of your nutritional requirements for one day and guarantees long-lasting satiety.

I was then treated to a range of different flavoured bars which are perfect for on the go.

The bars range from red berries, to coconut, to chocolate to sesame flavours. These are so handy and convenient to just throw in your bag as a snack throughout the day. The bar provides you with 100% of your nutritional requirements and you can replace a meal with a Feed. bar as it will satisfy your appetite for up to half a day (unless you’re a pig like me).

Lastly, I was gifted to some crunchy chocolate. With half the sugar, twice the amount of protein, six-times more fibre and packed full of vitamins and minerals (all while being gluten and lactose-free), Feed. Crunchy is a much healthier alternative than similar products which are available on the market.

Feed. is definitely something that I always tend to have either in my handbag or in my car as a go-to snack when I’m on the go or feeling peckish.

Thank you so much for reading, please let me know in the comments if you have tried the Feed. products and what you thought about them! Until next time.

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