You know when you just need an evening to yourself, to relax and unwind. Well, I needed one of those! Liam was out for the evening which meant I had the house to myself. Since moving into the new house, I haven’t actually had a pamper session, and after such a stressful week, I needed a chilled out evening.
I started my evening by sitting in my reading chair, reading my book as I feel like I’ve neglected reading recently so this was the perfect night to get back into it.

I sat there for a good half an hour reading (this chair is from IKEA and I 100000% reccommed, it is so comfy)! I then thought I’d treat myself to a bath. I’ve never really been a bath person, but I think I’m turning into one. Liam and I won a bath set from when we went to the Charity do in November last year, it cotained some bubble bath, shower gel, soaps and loads more so I thoguht I’d give that a go. To be honest, it wasn’t the greatest bath I have ever had, I had to use quite a lot of the bubble bath just to get some bubbles in the bath, but anyway, it was still relaxing.

While in the bath, I did continue reading my book with the candles burning all around me.

Typically, while in the bath, I did wash my hair and I gave my face a good scrub with the L’oreal Paris smooth sugar glow scrub which just leaves my face feeling so smooth and clean.

After the bath, I continued reading, had more cups of tea and sat around in my towel for a good couple hours until I could be bothered to get dressed and ready for bed (I know I’m not the only one who does this!).

I thoroughly enjoyed a relaxed evening to myself and I cannot wait for another. It’s worth treating yourself to some ‘ME’ time every now and then. What do you do to relax? Thank you for reading, until next time.

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